Sunday, August 25, 2013

The No Fair Fairy

Life isn't fair.  That's the story of the No Fair Fairy.  This was inspired by an article on the My Heart Sisters website.
Here is the story of this No Fair Fairy.  The Fairy Godmother was casting the spell that would determine which good fairy the new baby fairy would be.  A chicken wandered into the room.  The Fairy Godmother shouted "Get That Chicken Out of Here".  Alas she shouted at just the wrong moment.  There was to be no undoing of the spell.  The baby fairy now had one chicken leg and one chicken wing.  The chicken had run outside with its one fairy wing and one fairy leg.  A fox spotted the chicken and pounced.

The No Fair Fairy

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Doll with matching pants and blouse

This doll was sitting around without clothes for more than a year.  She's happy now, has comfy loose pants and a matching blouse.  Fabric from Barbara Dean, part of a fabric quarter swap I took part in.  Pattern by Catherine Wooten, Soft Dolls & Animals, September 2010.